Power Of Plates

Gen Z Focus Series

Redesign specialty plates for every state with the goal of attracting Gen Z.

Numbering 60 million, Gen Z is a group of teens and young adults who were born after 1995 that will change our culture forever.

This project began as a dream, and with the help of over 75 Gen Z’s who answered questions to help me gather research about each state, it turned into a reality. I created a book of my research and redesigned each license plate in the eyes of Gen Z to show the importance of location branding and targeting this generation.

If you read the license plates in the gallery from start to finish, it reads out my full mission statement.

They have over $44 million of spending power in just the United States alone, and their energy is something each city, state, and small town should want to attract.

License plates reach every single person in the United States, yet their design is neglected. Location branding embodies the culture of a state, shows pride, and draws people to an area. Gen Z’s awareness derives them from any other generations mindset. They’re original, determined, and bold.

Throughout the last year I’ve spent my time researching and interviewing Gen Z on what makes a place special. This project uses graphic design and the mindset of Gen Z to show the power of plates.

Each one of these designs was printed by getting 6″x12″ vinyl and placing it on a blank metal license plate. For installation, I attached each plate to 3″ blocks to give the arrangement dimension and shadows.


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Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop